Quiet and blooming house in the center of Moscow


Hold your breath ... It's
The original architecture of the House itself served as an inspiration for creating the concept: geometric elements of the front facade, which attract attention, bright and spacious rooms with five-meter ceilings, immediately refer to the aesthetics of American classical art deco.

His influence quickly swept America in the early 19th century, shaped the lifestyle of that period, which is characterized by rapid economic growth, the development of technology, mechanical engineering and the construction of iconic famous arch-constructions, as well as the development of cinema.

About project

Infrastructure and location
CAD Presnensky District:

16 Klimashkina Street
Moscow – City, the World Trade Center, famous theaters, museums, the best restaurants – the center of Moscow – the center of attraction of success, inspiration and strength.

An ideal location in a quiet side street provides a feeling of clubbing and privacy to the owners of the Fiori house.
Architecture that makes you freeze and breathe quality of life this quarter.
For the construction of terraces, the same materials are used that are used in the construction of buildings and bridges. Any terrace consists of flooring and basement and may have additional elements, primarily a fence.
The courtyard is closed from outsiders and is divided into areas for walking and recreation for children and adults: landscape design, playgrounds and sports grounds, a workout area, pedestrian paths and recreation areas.
In the residential complex "Fiori" provides real estate with their own courtyards. Spend time with friends and family, enjoy the tranquility and season changes, not only through the windows of the apartment, but also in your own picturesque landscaped courtyard with a cup of tea.
While you are making strides towards excellence, your children will be supervised by professional nannies in the children's room.
The residential complex is located between the forest and the park, has walking distance to the facilities of social, household and entertainment infrastructure. The road to school, kindergarten, shopping, a trip to the doctor or the cinema will be as comfortable for you as in a big city.
In a healthy body healthy mind. Regular physical activity allows you to find and maintain youth and beauty, to be energetic and full of determination to "turn mountains" to achieve your goals. This is all you will find in here.
Similar apartments are located on the roofs of high-rise buildings (skyscrapers). And the main chip is that you, as if cut off from the world. Penthouse residents, as a rule, rarely intersect with residents of other apartments in the house or do not intersect at all.
Уникальная архитектура
Архитектура, которая заставляет замереть и вдохнуть качество жизни в этом квартале
Фитнес зона
В здоровом теле – здоровый дух. Регулярные физические нагрузки позволяют обрести и сохранить молодость и красоту, быть энергичным и полным решительности «свернуть горы» для достижения поставленных целей. Это все вы найдете в здесь.
Пентхаус: высота потолков 5м
Располагаются подобные апартаменты на крышах высотных зданий (небоскребов). И главной фишкой является то, что ты, как бы отрезан от мира. Жильцы пентхаусов, как правило, пересекаются крайне редко с жильцами других квартир в доме или вовсе не пересекаются.
Просторные террасы
Для постройки террас используются те же материалы, что применяются при сооружении зданий и мостов. Любая терраса состоит из настила и основания и может иметь дополнительные элементы, в первую очередь — ограждение.
Детская зона
Внутренний двор закрыт от посторонних и разделен на зоны для прогулок и отдыха для детей и взрослых: ландшафтный дизайн, детские и спортивные площадки, зона workout, пешеходные дорожки и зоны отдыха.
В жилом комплексе «Fiori» предусмотрена недвижимость с собственными дворами. Проводите время с друзьями и родными, наслаждайтесь спокойствием и сменами сезона не только через окна квартиры, а и в собственном живописном благоустроенном дворике за чашечкой чая.
Видовые характеристики
В то время, как вы делаете успехи в стремлении к совершенству, ваши дети остаются под присмотром профессиональных нянь в детской комнате.
Собственный ртейл
Жилой комплекс расположен между лесом и парком, имеет шаговую доступность к объектам социально-бытовой и развлекательной инфраструктуры. Дорога до школы, детского сада, поход за покупками, поездка к врачу или в кинотеатр будут для Вас такими же комфортными, как и в большом городе.
The main facade of the building is neoclassical with prominent details and a large number of windows. This is a clearly defined composition of polished granite with elements of rustic, large-format porcelain and decorative elements made to order.

At the heart of the interiors of the Fiori house are aesthetics, where visible luxury is combined with comfort, any technical instruments and devices fit perfectly into it. This allows you to create truly relevant and fashionable solutions within the framework of an established classic.
Club House Fiori — has seven floors and a total of 90 apartments.


From the second to the sixth floor, apartments of various sizes from 35 to 80 m2 are harmoniously planned, the residents of each of which are guaranteed maximum privacy and comfort.


On the seventh floor of the house there are several penthouses. At the disposal of their residents: 5.5 m high canvases, free lay-out to create a stylish, solemn interior.
The level of comfort often determines the standard of living. Therefore, we have thought through every detail. Journey into the world of impeccable taste, begins with the lobby: the walls are decorated with natural stone, mirrored decorative panels, made by the author's design.
Two reception areas 24/7
Ground guarded parking
Video surveillance, burglar alarms around the perimeter of the house, modern access control system
Silent premium ThyssenKrupp elevators
Fenced and guarded territory
High-quality double-glazed windows with increased noise isolation
Automatic fire extinguishing system in each apartment
Central air conditioning. Ventilated installations.
Forced ventilation system
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CAD Pechersky District, 16 Klimashkina Street